Breakwall Sports
What We Do

What We Do

What We Do?

Breakwall Sports is committed to “connecting people around the world” and “producing dreams and courage” through the creation of a global basketball platform.

1. Develop coaches and players

Coordination for overseas camps, training, and tournament for Japanese teams. Interpretation/translation. Producing international tournament and events in Japan.


2. Create connection between basketball and other businesses

Coordinating a new business chance by connecting sports event, sports educations, and sports entertainment with your business.
Business coordination for sponsors. Local marketing research. Creating website and advertisement. Marketing support.

3. Support women’s sports

Encourage female coaches and athletes through articles “Women basketball Coaches.”
Producing a basketball community for female players and coaches to help each other through producing women’s leagues, tournaments, camps.


Become a producer of courage and sports power to create a good life and a more helpful society for people all around the world.


To create a global basketball platform for the world to connect and for people to grow.