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Japan Basketball Coordination

【Japan Basketball Coordination】

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Are you looking for a Japanese team to participate in your tournament?
Or are you looking for basketball tour in Japan?

The Fact About Japan Basketball

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There are about 550,000 basketball players in Japan, excluding 3×3 players.
If you include basketball players who don’t register Japanese Basketball Association, there are more than 2,000,000 players.
Except for the professional league, we don’t have off-season.
So, basketball is played a lot in Japan all through a year from elementary school kids to senior players. (Some senior players say that they will be satisfied if they can die on the court. LOL)

Japan Basketball Welcomes The Chance To Play With You


There are many teams that welcome your team coming and have some games together.
Also there are teams that want to participate in your tournament.
You can make your players experience different cultures and hopefully make some Japanese friends through playing loved basketball.

What is holding back of Japan Baskteball to be more open?

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Obviousely, the biggest thing is language.
Still today, many Japanese people can’t understand English.
So, it’s a little bit hard…maybe very hard to find right teams for you if you cannot speak Japanese.

The second thing is the accessibility to the information.
Even for Japanese who can understand Japanese, Japanese Basketball system is hard to see from outside.
Especially, their schedule.
There is not a good comprehensive website or a document that covers anual schedule.
It makes organizers difficult to plan events.

Bridge between you and Japan Baskteball

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Experience makes players grow more as a player, as a team, and as a person. So do coaches.
That’s why Breakwall Sports are here to support people connecting.
We help you connect to Japan Basketball.
You can find teams from Japan, you can organize basketball games or training camp, and you can make your team or your tournament unique with international environment.

What we can’t do

We don’t organize official national teams.
If you are looking for a national team for an international tournament, please ask FIBA or JBA. There should be staffs who can help you in English in the organization.
Just in case of not being able to find an English speaker in the organization, we can support you as interpreters, but not as an organizers.

Our purpose is not to produce elite players. We are aiming to provide personal development as a player, team building as a team, and international connection to make the society better together through our loved basketball.

Want to connect?

We are happy to be a bridge between you and Japan Basketball.
If your team or tournament is run with right sport spirit, don’t hesitate to request us what you want.
Contact us and we’ll help you connect to Japan Baketball.

Let’s make friends and connect the world together for a better society through our loved basketball.
Play for peace.
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