Connect Through Global Basketball

Connect Through Global Basketball

海外バスケ遠征・海外大会参加・海外キャンプ参加、日本での海外チームとの試合、コーチの海外スタディツアーをコーディネート。U12からシニアチームまで幅広いカテゴリーに対応。また、私達の繋がりを活かし、海外Websiteや広告作成などのマーケティングもサポート。海外バスケを通じて、もっと世界の繋がりを。We connect you to Japan basketball through coordinating Japanese teams , camps, and games. We also help you in sponsorship marketing. Experience unique Japanese culture through basketball.

Japan Basketball Coordination

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Basketball Event

【Basketball Event】

University of Hawaii vs Tokai University

Showcase in Estonia

Contact us and get a chance to be a pro in Europe.

Japan Summer League

A showcase for young talented basketball players.
B.league GMs and FIBA agents will come to watch your play.
Schedule will be in June.
Contact us to get more details.

【The Woman Basketball Coach】Ashley Raley-Ross

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【The Woman Basketball Coach】Liz Mills

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【About Breakwall Sport】

We provide good encounters through the sport you love

Meeting good people is essential to have an enjoyable life.
Encounters with people can change things for the better or for the worse.

Sports are a great place to make friends.
It is also a place where you can develop yourself as you earnestly try to improve, no matter which sport you are competing in.

So through the sport you love,
We want to provide you with opportunities to meet people who can bring positive influences.

Break your walls within you and let your flower bloom with us.


She started playing basketball since 10-year-old and still plays.
Hometown: Hokkaido, Japan
B.A. in Film & Electronic Arts of California State University Long Beach
After working for Canon as an in-house translator, she moved forward to a sole proprietor.
At the same time, she learned copywriting and marketing, then entered sports marketing.
She started coordination of Japan basketball for other countries, and also produces international games by herself.
She loves basketball, nice cafe, and beautiful beach.